Some “Blogful” insight about Cornerinsight Blog


Okay it is officially settled, it is up and running, the door has been opened, the stage is set, there is a sense of great expectancy penetrating throughout this dimension! Here at the newly birthed Cornerinsight Blog, this is my corner, this is your corner, it is OUR CORNER to share what we have learned, what we are in the process of learning, what we want to learn, mistakes we have made that we do not want you to have to make, tips, resources, and contacts to help you start that business you always wanted to start or where you can receive consulting tips or suggestions on basically any business problem or concern that you may be facing. If it will help you along the way, it will be featured or discussed here. I determined this year that only those things which served a distinctly positive, uplifting, and fertilizing purpose in the divine design of God’s destiny for my life would be permitted by me to continue on and remain connected to me. This is one of those new connections, which I felt led to construct and build. So the foundation has been set, the cornerstone is in place, now it just needs occupying by inspiring readers such as yourself. Lend your time and your comments/suggestions…..Sharing insight to realize your dream which is right around the corner.~ Abundant Blessings




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