When One Succeeds- We All Rejoice!

     What God makes happen for someone else, He can and will make it happen for you too! I am so ecstatic and thrilled to dedicate this post to an awesome Woman of God, who I have had the esteemed privilege of knowing and bonding with spiritually over the course of almost a year now. (Drum roll please………..) I want to publically recognize and extend congratulations to Ms. Brandi S. Turpin of Richmond, Virginia for officially starting and forming her own company – Reverencing Him, L.L.C

     This enterprising young woman stepped out on faith, and is making her dream and God’s destiny for her life a reality. Ms. Turpin has such a powerful anointing on her life, that she is using for God’s glory to be an inspiring, positive role model to other young women and individuals from all walks of life. Again, abundant congrats to you, Ms. Brandi!! Continue to walk in God’s purpose and destiny for your life. WE ARE SO PROUD and HAPPY FOR YOU!

     Joyously sharing in another individual’s accomplishments, is just one of the visions I see as the purpose for Cornerinsight Blog. Each of us have what I like to call a giant, macro-vision, which is made up of multiple micro-visions. With the right support, encouragement, guidance, and insight– we can all step forward into God’s destiny for our lives.

     If you would like to contact Ms. Brandi Turpin of Reverencing Him, LLC– visit her website at http://www.fdirep.com/reverencinghim

**Remember to send me your comments, ideas, questions, & even your complaints. All are welcome. Also, remember~ love always wins!**



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