Check out – what’s not hiding in this “Corner”

Well today, is all about revelation. Direct your eyes, and mouse pointer to last gray box at the bottom right hand corner of this Blog page and check me out on my “About” page-  get some revealing knowledge and understanding pertaining to what “Cornerinsight” is all About

Think about this as you go “about” your daily journey……..

Are you in position to receive what purpose and destiny that God has for your life?

Let me hear what you have to say about this one.


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One response to “Check out – what’s not hiding in this “Corner”

  1. Welcome to the world of Blog. thanks for visiting my blog site and for you comments.

    Sometimes I think I’m ready to receive God’s blessings and purpose for my life, but most of the time I want to know all the details before I venture out into the great unknown of God’s will. I’m more often a skitsh sheep afraid of moving where the Shepherd leads even when I know that His will is far better than mine. I suppose I have a hard time discerning his voice from the countless others that are screaming in my ear. Prayer and Bible study are the only cures I know. Enjoy the journey.

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