Divine Connections

Divine Connections is a term which I have been so personally blessed this year to actually see how it works in every area of my life. When we have a close personal relationship walk with God, intimately know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and allow the Holy Spirit to reside and flow within us– it just seems to me that Divine Connections are continuously presenting themselves EVERYWHERE!! We should never take for granted just what a blessing it is to have these Divine Connections with other individuals who were strategically positioned in our lives for a purpose. They are the open door to your God given opportunities and Kingdom assignments. Treasure what God has so ornately and intricately placed within them.

I am so very grateful to God for all of my divine connections- to my Spiritual Father and Mother- Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr. and his wife Co-Pastor Elena Robertson who are the awesomely anointed Leaders of my church home, Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond, VA.; Sis. Patricia Thomas who is my mentor who has blessed me more than I could ever describe in words; Sis. Brandi Turpin who will be my Spiritual Sister and my powerful, Spirit-filled prayer partner. I love you all!

Abundant Blessings to you all on this day and forevermore!!!!!


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