Helpful Links for Entrepreneurs

Rarely do we have enough time to set aside to seek out helpful websites and resources that focus on aspiring entrepreneurs or those wanting to operate their business out of there home office ~ I hope everyone can at least find one or two links to browse through for ideas or inspiration as you embark on the journey to becoming your own CEO. Happy researching!

  1. U.S. Dept. of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (D.C. office)
  2. U.S. Small Business Administration –
  3. Business Plans –
  5. – will send a free kit to Women Entrepreneurs
  6. The Company Corporation –
  7. – Site where consultants and independent contractors can search for job opportunities
  8. – The Franchise for Professional Women
  9. -click on Business Financing
  11. – Home Business Magazine
  12. – Innovative Bank offers small biz loans
  13. – The Networking Community for Private Companies
  14. – (non-profit organization) a place where entrepreneurs can connect with potential investors- to obtain small loans as small as $25
  15. — this site allows working moms to find professional jobs with flexible hours. By joining this free network, you can search for flextime employers and post your resume so they can find you.
  16. – National Association of Women Business Owners
  17. – Pink Magazine’s Knowledge Bank

Check Back frequently to see more helpful sites, and if you know of a site that was beneficial to you when you became an entrepreneur = then please share it with us! Abundant Blessings. Ms. Wen


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