Friday’s Feature : A Long-winded Lexicon

Friday’s from this point on….. until I embrace some other GRAND blogging idea….. will feature moments with “A Long-winded Lexicon” which the literal translation essentially means ~ a rambling entire stock of words belonging to a branch of knowledge or known by somebody.~ 

So now with those general orientation and housekeeping items covered and out of the way- let’s get on with the show. Oh, and please chime in anytime you feel like it!

I have always been a very detailed oriented lady. I am the person who loves to leave the long voicemail messages, because I want to ensure that I tell you everything that I need to tell you in that short span of time in between beeps. I am also that same lady that loves to tell you every intricate detail about what happened when the tree fell on the roof of my apartment, but first we had just went to Subway and we saw that a storm seemed to be coming up because you know how the leaves turn wrong-side out, and my grandma always said when that happened it meant that it was going to rain, but back to what happened- Girl you will not believe this! We came inside and sat down to watch TV, and I had opened up my Turkey and Cheese sub, and had just walked from the kitchen at the microwave and over to the sofa to sit down. So I sat down, and we heard this loud crashing noise, you know almost like something blew up outside, but not quite that loud more like a car backfiring, then the entire apartment shook like a earthquake and limbs of the tree came through the dining room window. I was so scared to move. I forget what we were watching on TV at the time, but I got up and went to my door. I opened it to see a tree laying completely over the steps leading up to my apartment. Did I tell you that I lived on the top floor, and I do not know why I decided to get a top floor apartment, because I could kick myself everytime I have to return from the grocery store, in the pouring rain and carry all those groceries up that flight of steps. I can hardly wait to get a house with a garage, so that will eliminate all those issues. So once Cornerstone LNC Group (my legal nurse consulting business) blows up, or once I learn all of John Chow’s tricks of the blogging trade to make my first million- then a house should not be a problem. But back to my story, the fire department came -my friend and I were out on the front balcony because the fire department made us stand out there until they could make sure the roof was secure. But it wasnt because limbs from the tree had went through the roof as well. But OH ! I almost forgot to tell you…… I have so many resources that you can check out to find out all you need to know about entrepreneuring– I read all the Entrepreneur books out there, so you do not have to worry about reading them. I will be glad to tell you anything you want to know and probably even some stuff that you don’t want to know. Anyhow- what was I saying? Well…….. I leave you all with these two thoughts for today……..

  • “God will work with you, not for you.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  • “You’re not a human doing, but rather a human being.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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