Discipline and Excellence

I decided to write a quick post before heading off to church for choir practice. I really decided to put last night’s awesome Word that was given during Bible Study into practice today. I know I need to focus on being disciplined in all areas of my life, and continue to put God’s Kingdom Work first at all times. Pastor and missionary Andy Clarke spoke at my church, and he really allowed God to use him to deliver a message which I believe was a Word that everyone in the Body of Christ needs to grasp hold of. For we as Christian’s possess the Kingdom of God inside of us, so essentially wherever God places us then that is where the Kingdom of God is also. We are chosen vessels, and we need to operate with discipline and excellence in our daily lives. Whatever our job or occupation is, we need to display excellence in what we produce. This has really marinated in my spirit today, and caused me to examine those areas in my life which could use some improvement. Maybe reading this will cause you to do the same! Walk in God’s Destiny for your life! Be blessed.


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