Things I want the World to know…..

1. Stop obsessing over what you cannot change, and focus on the things that you can change! (Starting with yourself)

2. There is no one who can take away the divine destiny that God has placed inside of you.

3. The only resource book that you need for success in life and business in God’s Holy Word- The BIBLE.

4. How you view your life is up to you, if you can think successful then you can be successful. If you believe you are defeated, then you will always remain defeated.

5. Everything you need is already inside of you, use it!

6. You must realize that not everyone is going to like you, accept you, approve you, support you, or love you – recognize this and wish them well anyway!

7. You cannot do everything in one day, but what you can get done- complete it in EXCELLENCE!




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6 responses to “Things I want the World to know…..

  1. very impressive
    i am from iran and i accedently found your blog . i want to translate your text into persian and put it into my blog . good luck…..

  2. Binny

    That’s quite inspirational.


    great word once again……………..


    good word

  5. hi dear windy
    i translated your previous post
    i left the link above
    good luck………

  6. Thank you for making “Cornerinsight” INTERNATIONAL!! ~ Blessings to you!
    Ms. Wendy

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