Is God getting ALL the GLORY from your blog?

As I was reading some other Christian Blogs, I stumbled upon one that truly spoke to my spirit. This was a question that I try to ask myself each time before I post something on this blog. Because when I initially started this blog, it was because God had given me instructions that I needed to start one so He could get the Glory from the content that I published or the helpful resources/information which others could access as they walk in God’s Divine Destiny for their lives.

So the blog that I found written by Bob Kauflin is entitled: “Worship Matters – Resources for Leading Worship”  it can be accessed by clicking on this link :

He features some awesome information concerning “Blogging to Worship God”- there are three different module posts related to this topic (1) Content, (2) Attitudes, and (3) Motives. I highly recommend that you read these posts, because it will give you insight into how we as Christians should make sure whatever we are doing- that we are doing it for God to get the Glory and not ourselves.

I trust that when you read his blogs on this topic, you will be as blessed as I was.

Until tomorrow, goodnight!


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