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You just never know…

I have to admit, thoughts of waiting for my number to be called at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), literally causes me to get a brief wave of nausea. However, today I knew I had procrastinated long enough and had to make the trek over to the DMV. I walked in to a standing room only crowd, with 18 plus customer services lines open. I was given my number – E622, and attempted to scout out an empty seat where I could sit down and begin my wait.

Then I spotted it, one vacant seat beside a young lady holding a newborn infant in her arms. So I made a dash for it. When I sat down I begin to think that perhaps this seat was vacant, because no one wanted to take the chance of the little one disturbing an already miserable moment of waiting indefinitely. However, I decided to take my chances, and if the precious little one did decide to scream and cry then I would happily join right in and get my frustration out too!

When I sat down, I could tell that the young mother had been there for quite awhile. The little baby was resting ever so peacefully, even through the repetitive monotone announcements which blasted over the intercom system. “{DINGING BELL NOISE} Now serving B152 at window number 5, {DINGING BELL NOISE} Now serving D243 at window number 16”, now I am rethinking why I had to come here in the first place. Rather than counting the number of other items on my agenda that needed completing today; I made a conscious decision to make the best of the situation. I decided to ask the young mother, how old was her little one. She told me she had her just two short weeks ago. “Wow,” I replied, “Congratulations!!” We continued with small talk, to hopefully help the time pass by a little less painfully. During our small talk, she told me she had already been waiting for two hours. My heart sank for her and the precious little one, as well as my preconceived idea that surely it couldn’t take me very long just to drop off the certificate I had with me. So I mentally debated if what I had to do could wait until tomorrow, in which I would be certain to arrive just as soon as they opened for business. So I decided to just wait a few more minutes, and think about leaving again. Then I heard it, even among the obnoxiously dinging bell noise followed by the computer simulated voice calling out the next number to be served. It was God’s voice I heard, and it was distinctly loud and clear. He said, “I want you to sow into the young woman with the infant sitting beside you.” For just a moment, it was almost as if I was disoriented to my physical surroundings and my Heavenly Father was speaking over my shoulder into my ear.” So I carefully unzipped my wallet, while my inner spirit was asking ‘how much do I give her God?’ He immediately told me what to give her, and I easily folded the bill into the palm of my hand. The enemy immediately tried to interject my thinking with comments like, “you know you need that to go towards your bills, and you dont need to give her anything you dont know she may have more money than you do.” I fought back against the enemy, and I knew this was what God wanted me to do. It was almost like God switched on the CD track of one of my Bishop’s sermons which he delivered a few weeks ago on giving and sowing into others. I heard my Spiritual Father, Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr., saying “When God tells you to do something, DO IT!” I remembered when he explained to us in the Body of Christ, how important it is to follow God’s timing. Because when God is ready to move, He wants you to move immediately on what He has instructed you to do.

I sat there only a few more minutes contemplating when I was going to give it to her. Then in God’s perfect timing, her number was called. As she was gathering her bag, her little one wrapped in the pink blanket, and her clipboard she stood up. I extended out my hand with the folded bill in it, and made eye contact with her. I said to her, “God told me to give this to you.” Our eyes were fixed, and frozen as she stood there looking at me in disbelief. She opened her mouth to say something, but the words just would not come out. I smiled at her, and neither one of us could utter a word. When she approached the customer service window, I knew that my purpose for coming to the DMV today was to bless that young woman. I knew God had ordered my steps there to precisely carry out a task He needed completing. I easily got up from my seat, and happily exited through the double doors so I could get in my car and get back to work. Which just brings me to the awesome realization of understanding that you just never know how God is going to use you to bless someone else in His name. I am grateful to God for choosing me as His vessel, to handle His Kingdom Business right here and right now. I want God to get the Glory out of everything I do, say, and write for the rest of my life.

Be Blessed- I know I am!


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