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Pray. Work. Pray.

Praying should outnumber working in a ratio of 2:1. Christians in today’s workforce should never start any morning without lifting up a specific prayer unto God for their own business or for their employer.  By praying to God before the workday even begins, it communicates to the Heavenly Father your genuine, heartfelt desire to carry out His divine purpose in all that you intend to do on that day.


As a Christian entrepreneur, which I prefer to label myself as a “Kingdom-preneur” (check back soon for my article defining this new term which God gave to me), I enjoy browsing and seeking out noteworthy, resourceful, Christian blogs.


Recently, I came across a blog which you must take a moment to check out entitled:

In the Company of Prayer  (http://www.companyofprayer.com/) —-which incidentally is located along with a link to my blog Cornerinsight (https://cornerinsight.wordpress.com) under the Religion section on ALLTOP (http://alltop.com) .


In the Company of Prayer fulfills the ongoing, daily need for a distinct focal point to guide our prayers. This ensures the vital inclusion of the following specifics into our “work related” prayer time such as; our daily in-house business operations/meetings, co-worker/client/customer relationships, as well as the numerous business to business transactions or interactions which we encounter on any given day. It is crucial for us to usher God and the Holy Spirit’s presence into our workplace environment on each and every day! Whether you are a home-based entrepreneur running your business venture out of your living room, a retail associate at the local department store, or a corporate attorney practicing law in the MEGA-law firm with satellite locations around the world—It is essential for you to begin the workday in prayer. Your prayer life should spill over and infuse your “workspace”, regardless of the actual physical surroundings or environment.


I encourage you to visit In the Company of Prayer by clicking on http://www.companyofprayer.com/

Once you get to their main page, sign up & join their “Morning Briefings” for free! Then you will receive a daily email sent directly to your Inbox; so you can start off each workday morning focused in prayer. I am certain that you will find that in each morning’s prayer God will speak precisely to a current situation which you are dealing with or He will without a doubt give you divine insight and preparation for upcoming circumstances that you will face on the job.


Just remember that God’s Word says when we pray, then we should believe that we receive! I can assure you I will always believe—and I remain in a posture to receive exactly what God has just for me.



I want to leave you with these 4 key points, as you move forward with the things God has spoken to your spirit:

1. Step out on faith, and be encouraged.

2. Walk in your God-given authority.

3. Carry out God’s Agenda 1st; and He will complete your agenda during the process.

4. Seek to advance God’s Kingdom as a “Kingdom-preneur”!


Be Blessed! 



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Check out http://alltop.com ~

If there was ever a one-stop place on the internet to browse all the top information and news then Alltop would be the website to check out! Not to mention that they just added this blog, my blog –Cornerinsight- to their famous site!! Glory to God– I am so excited! So I wanted to share this with you guys so you can also spread the word about ALLTOP- which you can visit by going to http://alltop.com

I encourage you to check them out, it will be worth your visit! Then once you get to their site, if you look under the LIVING Category heading then click on Religion– next scroll down to the “C’s” you will see Cornerinsight!!!!!! Ain’t God just so awesome! 🙂

Blessings- Ms. Wendy

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Discipline and Excellence

I decided to write a quick post before heading off to church for choir practice. I really decided to put last night’s awesome Word that was given during Bible Study into practice today. I know I need to focus on being disciplined in all areas of my life, and continue to put God’s Kingdom Work first at all times. Pastor and missionary Andy Clarke spoke at my church, and he really allowed God to use him to deliver a message which I believe was a Word that everyone in the Body of Christ needs to grasp hold of. For we as Christian’s possess the Kingdom of God inside of us, so essentially wherever God places us then that is where the Kingdom of God is also. We are chosen vessels, and we need to operate with discipline and excellence in our daily lives. Whatever our job or occupation is, we need to display excellence in what we produce. This has really marinated in my spirit today, and caused me to examine those areas in my life which could use some improvement. Maybe reading this will cause you to do the same! Walk in God’s Destiny for your life! Be blessed.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration

Here is a daily dose of inspiration for you…..

“Save now, we beseech You, O Lord; send now prosperity, O Lord, we beseech You, and give to us success!”

                                                           -Psalms 118:25 (Amp)

The Lord is the only One who can give us True and Everlasting prosperity and success. It took me going through some quick passing success and failures as I was growing up to realize this concept. Once I did grasp hold of seeking God first in every area of my life and career, then all the other details of life simply feel into place. However, seeking Him first is the one step that I encourage you not to omit. When we handle God’s business first, then He takes care of our business in the process. If you are at a point where you do not know what to do, then just ask Him to guide you. Then be prepared and ready to do what He instructs you to do! Then as you start doing what He has told you to do, you will walk right into your blessing.



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Before the attack…..

Before the attack.......Okay well after church yesterday, I thought I would take my chihuahua “Ms. Precious” for a long walk. So at my apartment complex we have a small pond that I have actually never taken the time to truly enjoy the beauty of it’s existence. So as I am snapping random pictures of the geese, flowers, and water with my digital camera, I realize the geese are moving at a rather fast trot towards me and my normally “vicious” barking chihuahua. However, apparently Ms. Precious figured this was a battle that she did not want any part of on her peaceful Sunday afternoon. (Bad time for her to decide that she did not know how to bark, although she barks at little bugs that fly around her head; thanks Ms. Precious!!)  Literally seconds after I snapped this picture, these geese started hissing and snapping their beaks at us. They chased us back up to the sidewalk, and I have never seen geese run so fast! Or perhaps Ms. Precious and I were just running too slow.

So this little incident started me thinking about how we as Christians should always be conditioned, ready, and prepared before the enemy tries to attack us. How do we prepare for an attack? First, it is vital to fill ourselves with God’s Word DAILY!!!!! Prepare yourself in advance, so you can discern in the spirit any scheme or tactic which the enemy is using to come against you. The second key is to pray continually, all day everyday. Pray while you are at work, in your car, cooking in the kitchen, before going into a meeting, while showering, as you are walking to your car, when you are chatting on the phone, when putting on make-up, as you are getting your nails done, or when God wakes you up —- YOU CAN AND SHOULD PRAY ANYTIME!!!!! By simply taking the time to get in God’s Word and pray without ceasing, we prepare ourselves for any attack or scheme that the enemy may devise and use to distract us from pursuing God’s divine destiny for our lives.

Abundant Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in Christ! Walk out your divine destiny!


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Last night at my church (Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond, VA), my awesomely anointed Spiritual Father, Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr., delivered a Word which has marinated in my spirit all day today. He expanded on this point, that we should quit telling God how much we love Him and actually showGod how much we love Him through our giving. I believe if more Christians in the Body of Christ would grab a hold of this concept, look at the overall positive global impact this could have. Christians should be a willing vessel for God to use them as He sees fit.

I will continue to stand in a posture of gratefulness, before my Heavenly Father for the rest of my life. God has done and given me so much over my lifetime, I could never accurately express in words just how much I love Him. However, I can show my love for Him by freely and abundantly giving of what I have in order to bless others.

So just take a moment today, and reflect on your giving. Then just go out and start giving what you got!

Abundant Blessings to you!


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When I was a teenager, I often remember my mother and grandmother tossing around the word “unction” more than a handful of times.  Within the context of their frequent conversations, I distinctly remember the term “unction” being used to describe someone who lacked motivation a.k.a. “get-up-and- go.” Back then I do recall them wondering on several occasions what had happened to my unction or “inner drive” to organize and keep my room clean. All these years, I just assumed “unction” was one of the many slang expressions which found its way into the human lingo throughout the generations. So this morning as I carried out my daily Bible study, devotions, and prayer time; THERE IT WAS! I just happened to stumble upon the exact word “unction” in 1 John 2:20 which reads:

              “But ye have unction from the Holy One; and ye know all things.” (KJV)

The Amplified Bible awesomely delivers the same verse (1 John 2:20) in these terms:

              “But you have been anointed by [you hold a sacred appointment from, you have been given an unction from] the Holy One, and you all know [the Truth] or you know all things.” (AMP)

But how many know when we have an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, nothing ever happens by chance or coincidence. So finding that particular word this morning was not by chance. Immediately, I was led to look up the word “unction” in the dictionary; to see what the formal definition just happened to be for the word I always assumed was not really a word. The Encarta English North American Dictionary listed four meanings for the word “Unction” which I found significant. I believe the following four definitions which were: (1.) anointing with oil, (2.) real or (also can be) pretended earnestness, (3.) something soothing (something that soothes or comforts somebody), are of great importance to the Body of Christ. I let the various definitions marinate for a moment in my spirit. I continued reading God’s Word only to come across another vital verse of scripture. I knew it was a direct confirmation to me from God, which gave me the green light to start the ministry He had been speaking about to me. In 1 John Chapter 2 verse 27 of the Amplified Bible it reads:       

               “But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides [permanently] in you; [so] then you have no need that anyone should instruct you. But just as His anointing teaches you concerning everything and is true and is no falsehood, so you must abide in (live in, never depart from) Him [being rooted in Him, knit to Him], just as [His anointing] has taught you [to do].”

For several months I have been wrestling with knowing that God had speaking to me about starting a particular type of ministry, however I could not help but think how I did not have any formal theology or ministerial training. Nevertheless I believe with a God-given level and degree of certainty that He has anointed me with a specific unction to carry out His plan. Furthermore, when we begin to function in our God given unction or anointing, everything will effortlessly fall into place. God always orchestrates a perfect, organized schedule for launch with an accompanying plan of operation. As the Master Creator, He always knows and will always know right where you belong. If that place does not exist yet, then it must mean He wants you to create it.










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