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Thanks and blessings to all my friends, contacts, and fellow entrepreneurs! God is so AWESOME!! I give Him ALL the Glory, Honor, and Praise on this day and everyday!!

I appreciate your patience while CORNERINSIGHT Blog gets a OVERHAUL– so check back often or subscribe to my RSS Feed so you can get the latest & greatest resources and current info to help CONNECT you to your Divine Purpose and Destiny which God has for your life!

Abundant Love and Blessings! ~ Wendy


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Pray. Work. Pray.

Praying should outnumber working in a ratio of 2:1. Christians in today’s workforce should never start any morning without lifting up a specific prayer unto God for their own business or for their employer.  By praying to God before the workday even begins, it communicates to the Heavenly Father your genuine, heartfelt desire to carry out His divine purpose in all that you intend to do on that day.


As a Christian entrepreneur, which I prefer to label myself as a “Kingdom-preneur” (check back soon for my article defining this new term which God gave to me), I enjoy browsing and seeking out noteworthy, resourceful, Christian blogs.


Recently, I came across a blog which you must take a moment to check out entitled:

In the Company of Prayer  (http://www.companyofprayer.com/) —-which incidentally is located along with a link to my blog Cornerinsight (https://cornerinsight.wordpress.com) under the Religion section on ALLTOP (http://alltop.com) .


In the Company of Prayer fulfills the ongoing, daily need for a distinct focal point to guide our prayers. This ensures the vital inclusion of the following specifics into our “work related” prayer time such as; our daily in-house business operations/meetings, co-worker/client/customer relationships, as well as the numerous business to business transactions or interactions which we encounter on any given day. It is crucial for us to usher God and the Holy Spirit’s presence into our workplace environment on each and every day! Whether you are a home-based entrepreneur running your business venture out of your living room, a retail associate at the local department store, or a corporate attorney practicing law in the MEGA-law firm with satellite locations around the world—It is essential for you to begin the workday in prayer. Your prayer life should spill over and infuse your “workspace”, regardless of the actual physical surroundings or environment.


I encourage you to visit In the Company of Prayer by clicking on http://www.companyofprayer.com/

Once you get to their main page, sign up & join their “Morning Briefings” for free! Then you will receive a daily email sent directly to your Inbox; so you can start off each workday morning focused in prayer. I am certain that you will find that in each morning’s prayer God will speak precisely to a current situation which you are dealing with or He will without a doubt give you divine insight and preparation for upcoming circumstances that you will face on the job.


Just remember that God’s Word says when we pray, then we should believe that we receive! I can assure you I will always believe—and I remain in a posture to receive exactly what God has just for me.



I want to leave you with these 4 key points, as you move forward with the things God has spoken to your spirit:

1. Step out on faith, and be encouraged.

2. Walk in your God-given authority.

3. Carry out God’s Agenda 1st; and He will complete your agenda during the process.

4. Seek to advance God’s Kingdom as a “Kingdom-preneur”!


Be Blessed! 


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List of Business Resources for Virginia

Bringing you some specific Business Internet Resources specific for VIRGINIA– check them out! Your dream awaits you, NOW is YOUR TIME!

  1. Virginia is for Business “A Guide to Establishing a Business” – http://www.yesvirginia.org
  2. Virginia Community Loan Fund – http://www.vcdlf.org
  3. Richmond Economic Development Corporation (REDEC) – http://www.redecfinance.org
  4. Richmond Small Business Resource Guide – http://www.reni.net
  5. Virginia Procurement Pipeline -(A database of businesses offering a variety of goods and services register your business for FREE) — http://www.virginiabusiness.org 
  6. Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia – http://www.richmond.bbb.org
  7. Greater Richmond Small Business Development Center – www.grsbdc.com
  8. Greater Richmond Partnership – http://www.grpva.com
  9. Virginia Department of Business Assistance – http://dba.state.va.us
  10. Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council – http://www.vmsdc.org/
  11. Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise – http://www.dmbe.state.va.us/
  12. Virginia Department of Business Assistance (to obtain WOMEN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CERTIFICATION) – www.dba.state.va.us/mwbusiness/wob.asp
  13. Crater Procurement Assistant Center – http://www.craterpdc.state.va.us

Let me know if these links help you! Leave me a comment- I just might be able to connect you to someone who can provide you with additional assistance in starting up your business!

Share the Love! ! Ms. Wen


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It’s April- why are you waiting to start your business?

Okay it is April 2008, have you started that business venture with that awesome idea which you have been so eager to get moving…..but something else came up that took priority…. and you had good intentions but…… things at my full time job just kept you too busy to even think about doing something else when you got home…… besides you think what will one more day really do to delay anything.

Well…… this is YOUR FUTURE that we are talking about, and your future is determined by what you put into action TODAY! Because tomorrow something else will come up, and then before you know it JUNE 2008 is will be the present and you still have good intentions but nothing to show for it.

I am here today to give you a word…. and that word is MOVE ON WITH YOUR BUSINESS IDEA AND DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW TODAY!! You are off to a great start first of all, because you are facing the reality of the situation and reading this blog. Next you need to connect to someone else that you know, or perhaps a friend of a friend who once was right where you are right now, doing nothing to jumpstart the process. Time is money, and the clock is ticking.

There are countless FREE resources on the internet, as well as available at your local library to assist you in getting started. However, the best resource to seek out is someone who is living their own successful entrepreneurial dream of owning and operating their own business. If you do not have access to anyone personally, then you can send us your questions, comments, issues, complaints, feedback , or if you just want to vent your frustration you can do each one right here at Cornerinsight.

For “Budding” Entrepreneurs: Refer to the Sidebar for a listing of several great websites to get you started with some helpful information.

Another great printed resource that I purchased which has paid for itself over and over again is entitled:

“Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You’ll Ever Need” 3rd Edition by: Rieva Lesonsky and the staff of ENTREPRENEUR Magazine.

Anything you ever wanted to know, or did not even think about asking is covered in this hefty size book. It is presented in a format that is easy to read for those of us (like myself) who come from various occupational pathways.

Happy Entrepreneuring! Today is your day, make the best use of it!

I will end with an inspiring quote from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, “When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.” Let that marinate in your spirit for a while. And remember, Love always wins! Abundant Blessings, Ms. Wen



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Check out – what’s not hiding in this “Corner”

Well today, is all about revelation. Direct your eyes, and mouse pointer to last gray box at the bottom right hand corner of this Blog page and check me out on my “About” page-  get some revealing knowledge and understanding pertaining to what “Cornerinsight” is all About

Think about this as you go “about” your daily journey……..

Are you in position to receive what purpose and destiny that God has for your life?

Let me hear what you have to say about this one.

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