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Find work that you love to do~

I came across this link today, and it really is an awesome resource that you should check out!

 (Especially if you are a home-based professional or independent entrepreneur)

The site is called  ELANCE  = and you can bid on contract jobs in a huge variety of categories!! Check them out!


Happy hunting for that perfect job, that you love to do!!



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It’s April- why are you waiting to start your business?

Okay it is April 2008, have you started that business venture with that awesome idea which you have been so eager to get moving…..but something else came up that took priority…. and you had good intentions but…… things at my full time job just kept you too busy to even think about doing something else when you got home…… besides you think what will one more day really do to delay anything.

Well…… this is YOUR FUTURE that we are talking about, and your future is determined by what you put into action TODAY! Because tomorrow something else will come up, and then before you know it JUNE 2008 is will be the present and you still have good intentions but nothing to show for it.

I am here today to give you a word…. and that word is MOVE ON WITH YOUR BUSINESS IDEA AND DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW TODAY!! You are off to a great start first of all, because you are facing the reality of the situation and reading this blog. Next you need to connect to someone else that you know, or perhaps a friend of a friend who once was right where you are right now, doing nothing to jumpstart the process. Time is money, and the clock is ticking.

There are countless FREE resources on the internet, as well as available at your local library to assist you in getting started. However, the best resource to seek out is someone who is living their own successful entrepreneurial dream of owning and operating their own business. If you do not have access to anyone personally, then you can send us your questions, comments, issues, complaints, feedback , or if you just want to vent your frustration you can do each one right here at Cornerinsight.

For “Budding” Entrepreneurs: Refer to the Sidebar for a listing of several great websites to get you started with some helpful information.

Another great printed resource that I purchased which has paid for itself over and over again is entitled:

“Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You’ll Ever Need” 3rd Edition by: Rieva Lesonsky and the staff of ENTREPRENEUR Magazine.

Anything you ever wanted to know, or did not even think about asking is covered in this hefty size book. It is presented in a format that is easy to read for those of us (like myself) who come from various occupational pathways.

Happy Entrepreneuring! Today is your day, make the best use of it!

I will end with an inspiring quote from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, “When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.” Let that marinate in your spirit for a while. And remember, Love always wins! Abundant Blessings, Ms. Wen



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