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Opting out of the “Recession” talk…

Praise God, for another day to bring Him glory! I guess I decided this awhile ago, but just thought I should let the whole world know that I am officially opting out of all this talk about “recession.” Since I operate on the “WORD” system, and not the “World’s” system none of the characteristics of “recession” apply to me. I think that is just the most wonderful thing!!! YEA!!!!!!

You do know that you can get in on this joy too? At least if you are a born again, bible believin’, Child of the Most High God- then you can enjoy this one of MANY, MANY benefits which comes with the package. A Holy and Divine package with no expiration date or shelf life, and your benefits do not have a 30, 60, or 90 day waiting period before they begin. There is nothing better!

Continue to walk, better yet RUN in God’s purpose and destiny for your life!



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300 Hits

Okay— we should always take a moment to celebrate even the little things in life!!!

Well I am celebrating 300 hits to my blog!!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know— I am sure some of you think, so what, 300 is nothing!!! It may mean nothing to you, but to me it is a landmark.

We should all be using our lives to make history for God’s Kingdom! Celebrate the person that God has uniquely created you to be. Use the gifts that He has placed within you, to bring Him Glory.

Keep walking in your divine destiny, and remember with God all things are possible!

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